Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Update: December 7

For this entry, just a quick update on my goals, as I've been really busy the last few days:

Writing Goal: Pretty much on target for now at 2300 words for the week.

I have not submitted my short story yet, even for editing.

I have not worked on pinning down my goals.

What did I do instead? There was snow earlier this week, and it's been super cold. The husband and I have been running errands every morning. Yesterday I did a load of laundry and helped the Ma put up some Christmas decorations. I watched a movie with the Husband, and I updated the Kids' amazon wishlists. That's still not done, actually. I did play some video games today, for half an hour while Everybody was out of the house.

There's plenty to do for the rest of the week, too. Where did I ever find the time to write 50k words in a month?

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Update and Goals for December

Over the past few days, I didn't even look at my Nano novel, Princess of Swords. I'm okay with this.

I did write and edit 4500 word short story. I have joined a site where I could submit writing for editing and publication. It's a free site with contests, but I don't want to identify it here. I intend to submit this new short story there, once I work up the courage.

So, moving forward. My Goals for December:

For the next two weeks, my goal is to write 5,000 words a week in Princess of Swords. I'm hoping this gives me the weekends off, and progress the novel 10k words before school breaks for the winter. My dad and my sister are visiting from out of state the following week, and the week after that everyone will be home, both kids and the husband. My goal for those two weeks is to write something every day, even just a paragraph or a word. It doesn't have to be in the novel, but it can.

Submit that short story for editing and then publication, and keep track of views and votes. This is more about the experience, for me, than building any sort of readership. I want to see how it feels. Maybe that's weird, but I am an anxious, weird person, and I worry about how things will make me feel as much as if something is smart or wise. I have said that I'd like to be a big time writer, but I worry it would make me feel weird. Not that that's particularly likely anyway, which is actually a somewhat comforting thought.

I also want to start developing my goals for the next round. Between now and Wednesday, I want to brainstorm what sort of things are really important to me when it comes to writing and life, and see if I can get some rough categories for my goals. I already have some ideas.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.